Self Care... An Introduction

Self-care has become a popular turn of phrase. Often when someone is run down, or they seem a bit tired, or flustered, we will remind them “Don’t forget, self-care is so important!”. Social media streams are filled with articles teaching us ways to practice self-care with everything from “self-care in three easy steps” to “Self-care, why it doesn’t work”. In the therapy room, I teach self-care and I have come across all kinds of behaviours that individuals practice, so I thought it might be helpful to start a blog about some of these ideas, to share with you all.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be discussing various “methods” of self-care, and dispelling some of the rumours about what self-care is (or isn’t!). For now check out the image attached, and check in with your own beliefs. Is this how you would have defined self-care? What does it mean for you?

Take care of yourself,