What to Expect


Psychological therapy...

It can be a daunting process to begin psychological therapy. Particularly if you have never seen a psychologist before. 

We have put together a general idea of what might happen from this stage on, but remember, you can contact us for any more information. 

It is your choice

If you have decided that psychological therapy is something you would like to explore further, you can go to our list of psychologists. Psychologists who appear on this page currently have appointments available.

Have look at their profile and see if you think they might be a good fit for you. If you think yes, or if you have some further questions, you can contact us

We will get back to you as quickly as possible (we aim to reply within 2 working days) and answer your questions. We will also offer you a free ten to fifteen minute phone consultation for you to discuss your options. This will allow you to share a little of your problem and for us to discuss with you how we might be able to work together.  An appointment to meet can then be arranged.


When you contact us to let us know you would like an appointment, we will make one for you as soon as possible. We aim to offer an appointment within a week of you contacting us.  We have flexibility about our appointment times, and we will work to find something to suit you. We currently offer face to face appointments at our premises in Hamilton. 

At your first appointment we will discuss your issues, needs and goals and we will talk you through some options for different therapeutic approaches which we think will fit these requirements. We are trained in multiple models of therapy and we integrate these approaches to develop therapy which is specific to your individual needs. This first session will go at your own pace, and we will not ask you to discuss anything you are not comfortable talking about. We will treat you with respect and integrity and we will do our best to understand how you are feeling and what you might be looking for from this experience.

If you have a preferred model of therapy, or equally you have tried a model before but did not enjoy it, we will of course take this into consideration. If you do not know much about this, don't worry. All of our psychologists are trained to understand the evidence for what type of therapy is proven to help certain problems, and we will share this with you so you can see what options you have. We will always take into account your needs and wishes. 

Ideally in a first session we will get to know you and you will be able to get a sense of us. Ultimately in many cases it is the relationship you have with your psychologist which is one of the most important factors, and hopefully the first session will give you a sense of this person, and if you feel you would like to work with them. 

Remember this is your time. If you prefer to use this time to talk about your problems or goals, we will support you to do so. Equally if you require more guidance and support we can provide this too. Our goal is to support you in the way that you need and this is different for everyone. 

If at the end of the session you would like to book another session, we will do this with you. If you need time to think about the session and come back to us, we will respect this too. You will never be put under any pressure to return to us, and ultimately it is your choice to proceed. 

Your sessions will continue for as long as you and your psychologist feel they are necessary. Each of our psychologists will work this out with you individually to make sure you get the time and space you need. This process will look different for every person who attends, so it is difficult to describe how this might be for you. At every stage your psychologist will communicate with you and they will be transparent in this process as to what you can expect. 

Remember, for any other questions you might have, please contact us