Our goals...

We are experienced, registered psychologists who work with adults and children who are experiencing a range of challenges and difficulties. Our goal is to promote health and help you or your family deal with challenges you may be experiencing in order to meet your full potential and be the most content you can be.  

This might be in the form of one to one therapy, group work, family work or couples therapy. We aim to work with you or your child to understand your goals and help you to learn, change and grow. 

Despite contrary belief, people are not designed to be able to deal with all of the challenges that life throws at them. Sometimes things happen which make us question ourselves, others or the world. Our hope is that we can help you to address these changes and support you to reflect on your own experiences and while you learn ways to deal with life's challenges. Additionally we believe in promoting health and using your strengths and existing coping strategies to improve your life. 


Meet our Therapists and find out more about how they like to do therapy, and what they might be able to offer you